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Press Release

The Idaho Office of School Safety & Security (IOS3) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded $540,439 in federal grants to improve school safety for the State of Idaho. The money was won in a competitive granting process from the U.S. Department of Justice and will establish a statewide school tipline and develop a statewide behavioral threat management protocol for Idaho schools. The grants resulted from the passage of the federal STOP School Violence Act, January 2018.

The Office of School Safety & Security considers the grants vital in addressing critical gaps revealed by school safety assessments throughout the state. Many communities have no uniform method for students to submit confidential safety concerns and when concerning behavior is reported, no protocol for managing the situation. These grants work with current Idaho programs like the See, Tell, Now awareness campaign, as well as create new opportunities with existing partnerships. The IOS3 will be looking for future ways to integrate these efforts across all agencies involved with school safety.

The tipline will include downloadable apps and a web-based portal which will allow for real-time reporting of threats and suspicious circumstances. Once tips are received, an Idaho-specific behavioral threat management process ensures that students with concerning behaviors are investigated, assessed and addressed. The mission of the IOS3 is to support all Idaho public and charter schools as they improve their safety and security profile. These grants will build capacity and resiliency at the local level for all Idaho students. The IOS3 is excited for the opportunity these grants will provide in their ongoing efforts to assist schools with their safety and security concerns.